Historic Racing News: January 2022

The first show of 2022 promises to be a belter!

The team of Paul Jurd, Jim Roller, Joe Bradley and Paul Tarsey take careful steps into the world of continuations, re-creations, evocations and just plain, simple copy cars in historic racing.

The boys talk about everything from the ‘new’ Ferrari 330LMB to a recreation of the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 and take in a discussion about Lotus Cortinas along the way. This ‘toe in the water’ is a taster for a stand-alone show later in the year. 

This will also be the first ‘Corridors of Power’ of 2022 and the subject is ‘Greatest Disappointments’.

Paul, Joe and Jim are given free rein to choose teams, cars, people or anything else that has disappointed them (but only in a motorsport sense…..). Paul Tarsey is then set the ridiculous task of choosing the biggest disappointment. Will The Baron choose wisely?

Julius Thurgood celebrates the life of his friend, the journalist and racer Tony Dron, and as well as this moving piece, there will be various other pieces of chatter along the way.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments about the show, you can comment on the Historic Racing News Facebook page or just use #HRNRS 

Paul Tarsey

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